Roi Gonzalez

Hi There,

I'm Roi and i'm 42, from Málaga, Spain. ⁠Former marine biologist and diver, now full time miniature painter and Golden Demon winner:

Spain 2002 - Gold (Battle scene)
Spain 2002 - Gold (LoTR)
Spain 2004 - Gold (Scene)
Spain 2005 - Gold (Scene)
UK 2005 - Bronze (Diorama)
France 2007 - Silver (Diorama)
UK 2007 - Bronze (Diorama)
Spain 2009 - Silver (Duel)
Spain 2009 - Silver (40k unit)
Spain 2010 - Gold (Battle scene)
Spain 2010 - Bronze (Vehicle)
Spain 2011 - Silver (Battle Scene)
UK 2019 - Gold (Vehicle)

I also other big prizes :
- In 2019 Monte San Savino show, Silver in master category
- In 2008 World Expo in Girona, Silver in master category

⁠Into the hobby since 1992, I guess. Not only painter, but also a player: 40k (Orks and Death Guard), Blood bowl, Shadespire, Kill Team, Mordheim....

Other hobbies: live music, cómic, basketball, movies and many more (not enough time to do all what i want!).

Have a nice day!

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