About Me

I bought my first box of Warhammer when I was 12, back in 1997. This was the core set Warhammer 40K 2nd edition. From that moment on I always bought and painted mini's, though always as a hobby, just for fun. I would check some websites and keep an eye on fora and the new models on the GW website. Already at the time I wanted a full painted army, but did not really get there for 20 years.

I have always been fascinated by competition painters and their amazing work. So one day I thought, why not try to get good at painting my mini's myself? I started doing tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest and was pretty happy with the results. I posted my first tutorial on Instagram in October 2016, which is when things really got started. I got a lot of followers, a new friend, and I learned there was an amazing community, and I wanted more. Some people challenged me to paint Marines and I decided to paint my first army: The Iron Templars.

After I had painted 500 points I was convinced I should play the game as well. This was back in 2019, and I found out there was a very big Wargaming club in my hometown of Haarlem, called Wardice. This got me hooked on Tabletop gaming, while I still tried to do my best at tournaments with the Iron Templar. ⁠I came into contact with Tabletop Alliance in the Dutch tournament scene and started helping them out as a volunteer, for example as a referee and painting judge on their events. I really enjoy gaming but painting is still the best part of the hobby for me.

On Instagram I have met many good painters. Some of the best painters of the Netherlands started asking me if I wanted to join painting competitions with them. At first I thought I would not be good enough, but eventually I won third price at the Scale Model Challenge in 2019!

As an HR manager ⁠I have always been good with people in my day to day work. Maybe this is a talent that made me want to create my own community. I started the idea for my website after I won my price at the Scale Model Challenge. I truly wanted to create something unique for the community. A place where artists can share their knowledge and hobbyists can easily find what they need. I want to be the person that provides for the community and does this for a living. This is my dream and this website is the start of that dream.

Happy Crafting.

Iron Templar Army

Wizard Artwork