Lenny Craft-it

Hi there,

My name is Lennard, better known as Lenny Craft-it. I live in the Netherlands in the city of Haarlem. Painting miniatures for a living is my dream. My hobby grew out to be an almost full-time occupation. I like to join painting competitions. My best results so far:

Bronze Fantasy Standard on Scale Model Challange 2019.
Gold Fantsay open Standard on World Model Expo 2022.⁠

I`m also a really big fan of all the tabletop games. I play MTG, 40K, AoS D&D and Kill-team. 40k I play on competitive Ievel.

I`m eager to make content in the miniature world. I make a lot of pictures of my work and create YouTube and Instagram tutorials. My tutorials will mostly be about painting Warhammer miniatures with Citadel paints. I love sharing my tutorials with people. To see all my work, head over to Patreon and support me and this website!

Happy Crafting!

Best works

Artist Party

Wizard Artwork