Hi all,

My name’s John and I’m a miniature painter from the Netherlands. From an early age family members around me exposed me to miniature models (back then mostly World War related) but it wasn’t until early high school that I found Warhammer got hooked myself. On and off I’ve painted and played Warhammer (mostly Mordheim I must admit) until I a couple of years ago I finally admitted to myself that I would never paint a play a fully painted army, but that painting is my hobby!

Ever since I try (and actually enjoy) to paint every day, and in the past 5 years (not counting when I was away on holidays) I believe I can count the days that I haven’t painted on a single hand. I do still enjoy wargaming but am drawn more to specialist games (Warhammer Underworlds, Kill Team and hopefully one day the Horus Heresy).

Also, I believe in growing our community and helping others where I can, so there’s no secrets to paint recipe’s or whatnot (given that I noted it down and can remember it, of course). If you have any questions, feel free to ask!



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