Tutorial Wolf Spear Space Marine

Wolf Spear Space Marine

The Wolfspear is a loyalist Space Marine Chapter exclusively composed of Primaris Space Marines. They are descendants of the Space Wolves lineage, raised during the Ultima Founding around 999.M41. Unlike traditional Codex Astartes adherents, the Wolfspear adopt numerous customs and organizational designations akin to their ancestral Chapter, the Space Wolves.

Discover the artistry behind painting my Wolf Spears Kill Team with this comprehensive tutorial. Each step is meticulously detailed, offering insights into techniques and methods. From base coating to highlighting, follow along for inspiration to enhance your own miniatures. Let's embark on this creative journey together.

Happy Crafting.

Space Marine, Warhammer 40k, Kill Team, Grey, Space Wolfs
Lenny Craft-It
33 colors
35 steps

Step 1

For the conversion I used Primaris Intercessor and bits from old Space Wolf kit.

Step 2

I also used 3D printed bits from Grey Studio that I got from there store. Amazing quality. You can also see here that I removed all the eagle symbols on the chest and the gun.

Step 3

To make the 3D print shoulder pad fit more in the model I used greenstuff to overlap the shoulder and the back of the marine. Here you also see the bits form the old Space Wolf kit.

Step 4

Citadel Grey Seer Spray

After we convert our unique model it's time to prime it with Grey Seer.

Step 5

Citadel Celestra Grey
Abaddon Black

After the primer I paint all the armor with Celestra Grey. Paint the backpack the gun, knife and the inner parts of the shoulder pads with Abaddon Black. Please don't skip the Celestra step it's really important for our technical paint to stick. The primer is to smooth.

Step 6

Rhinox Hide
Mournfang Brown
Citadel Zandri Dust

We base coat all the detail. For leather parts I used Rhinox Hide, for the fur I used Mournfang Brown and for the boney parts I used Zandri Dust.

Step 7

Corax White
Paint the metal part with Leadbelcher and the facemask with Corax White.

Step 8

Citadel Soulblight Grey Shade
Seraphim Sepia
Shade the armor with Soulblight Grey. Shade the Nails and the fur with Seraphim Sepia.

Step 9

Vallejo Polyurethane Ultra Matt Varnish 72653
AK interactive Streaking Grime For Light Grey Ships AK305

Place your decals, use Micro Sol and Micro Set to do this. The give the surface where you placed the decal a couple of layers with ultra math varnish.

Then the magic for this tutorial paint all the armor with Naval Streaking Grime for light grey ships.

Step 10

After a couple of hour dry time start removing the Streaking Grime with White Spirit and a cotton swab.

Step 11

Citadel Ulthuan Grey

Now edge highlight the armor with Ulthuan Grey. Because my tutorial pictures are so poor you didnt really see the highlight so I showed you guys where to highlight with red.

Step 12

Agrax Earthshade
Nuln Oil

We are going to create a gradient with shade inside of the fur. First shade 50% of the fur with Agrax Earthshade and then 25% with Nuln Oil.

Step 13

Mournfang Brown
Highlight the fur with Mournfang Brown using drybrush technique.

Step 14

Ushabti Bone
Highlight the fur with Ushabti Bone using drybrush technique.

Step 15

Rhinox Hide
Karak Stone

Highlight the leather with a 1:1 mix of Rhinox Hide and Karak Stone. Then make a scratch highlight with just Karak Stone.

Step 16

Agrax Earthshade
Corvus Black

Shade the leather with Agrax Earthshade. Because of the bright highlights the colors will look much better. Edge highlight the back pack and gun with Corvus Black.

Step 17

Eshin Grey

Edge highlight the backpack and gun again but now with Eshin Grey. Then highlight 50% of the edges with Dawnstone.

Step 18

Administratum Grey
Dot highlight the backpack and the gun with Administratum Grey.

Step 19

Ushabti Bone
White Scar
Highlight nails Ushabti Bone and then with White Scar.

Step 20

Corax White
Highlight the center of facemask with Corax White.

Step 21

Khorne Red
Paint the eyes and the lens of the gun with Khorne Red.

Step 22

Mephiston Red
Paint 75% of the eyes and the lens of gun with Mephiston Red.

Step 23

Evil Sunz Scarlet

Paint 50% of the eyes and the lens of gun with Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Step 24

Wild Rider Red
Paint 25% of the eyes and the lens of gun with Wild Rider Red.

Step 25

Troll Slayer Orange
Lugganath Orange
White Scar

Paint 10% of the eyes and the lens of gun with Troll Slayer orange. The dot highlight the inner part of the eyes with Lugganath Orange. The paint two dots on the eyes and lens with White Scar in the opposite corner.

Step 26

Abaddon Black
White Scar
Shade the bottom of the lens with Abaddon Black and highlight the facemask with White Scar.

Step 27

Glue some stones to the base.

Step 28

Corrosion Texture
Paint the base with Corrosion Texture and glue some branches.

Step 29

Corvus Black
Paint the stones with Corvus Black.

Step 30

Stormvermin Fur
Karak Stone
Drybrush the stones with Stormvermin Fur and then the whole base with Karak Stone. A fine drybrush highlight with Ushabti Bone.

Step 31

Agrax Earthshade
Glue some brown tufts on the base. NO GREEN TUFT, there is no green grass in the winter! Then shade the base with Agrax Earthshade.

Step 32

Valhallan Blizzard
Add Valhallan Blizzard random on the base.

Step 33

GSW Liquid Frost 2117
To finish the base paint the tufts with Liquid Frost from Green Stuff World. And glue scale model snow powder random on the base.

Step 34

Typhus Corrosion
Sponge stipple the boots with Typhus Corrosion and add small spots of Valhallan Blizzard.

Step 35

All done :D

End of tutorial