Tutorial Blue lenses on blue armor Librarian Space Marine helmet.

Blue lenses on blue armor Librarian Space Marine helmet.

It is always difficult if you want an OSL effect on a surface with the same color. In this tutorial I will show you how to paint a Blue light effect on blue armor. Good luck trying this out!

Happy Crafting

Space Marine, Blue, Warhammer 40k, Citadel paints
Lenny Craft-It
7 colors
7 steps

Step 1

Kantor Blue
Drakenhof Nightshade
Fenrisian Grey
The base of this Librarian Space Marine helmet is done in the way I paint Ultra Marines. Check out those tutorials for the whole recipe. But in short, Kantor Blue with Drakenhof Nightshade. Highlight with Altdorf Guard Blue and Fenrisian Grey.

Step 2

Thunderhawk Blue
Paint the people and the third eye lens with Thunderhawk Blue. For the OSL effect we also paint the edges around the lenses with this color.

Step 3

Incubi Darkness
We bring more depth to the lenses by filling the deepest edges with Incubi Darkness.

Step 4

Baharroth Blue
Paint a gradient on the first layer with Baharroth Blue. Cover about 75%. This is difficult to see in this photo due to the backlight. Also paint the edges outside the lenses.

Step 5

Baharroth Blue
Fenrisian Grey
Make a mix of 1:1 Baharroth Blue and Fenrisian Gray. And continue with the gradient in the eyes by now covering 50%. Also paint the edges outside the lenses.

Step 6

Fenrisian Grey
Incubi Darkness
Now paint only the inner corners of the lenses +/- 25% with Fenrisian Gray. Don`t do this step on the edges or the outside of the lenses. We do a extra shading step with Incubi Darkness. I did this by making the paint very wet and just letting it run into the edges of the lenses from the tip of my brush.

Step 7

White Scar
The Final step is to highlight the lenses in the center with wet White Scare.

End of tutorial