Project Drachenheim

Lenny Craft-it | Wed Sep 14 2022

The name Drachenheim means Dragon`s House. This is the project name for my Grimdark Stomcast Eternal army. Inspired by the tutorials form Lutherian_99 on his Instagram page.

The project all started when I painted a Underworld warband in the Grimdark style.


Then after that I wanted to use some of the new Stormcast models and make them Grimdark. I used chaos weapons and heads from Puppet of War. I removed all the logos on the shields and shoulder pads, and replaced them with dragon decals.

Laag 13.png

Drachenheim is a city in the realm of Ulgu. A stronghold for the Stormcast Eternals but with a high cost. Malerion god of Shadows constantly twists the minds of the forces of the eternal warriors. They remain loyal to their maker, but the presence of Malerion in this realm makes them more dark, more quiet, more depressed, and sometimes drive them to madness.

The other cost of this Stronghold is the fact that is constantly under attack by the forces of the chaos god Tzeentch. Who are drawn to the city by the twisted minds of it`s inhabitants.

Drachenheim ones a great City of man protected by Angels, great warriors and even Dragon is now a dark place, a grim place and there is little hope. It townsfolk are hoping for more then just the Stormcaster`s to help them. Some times a dark angel of a cruel Dragon will come to there aid but only with selfless intentions.


The effect on the Stormcast Eternals is seen on their armor and symbols. They no longer honor Sigmar there creator. They hate him for sending them to this grimdark place. They now worship the creatures that help them with the defense of the city and bring them convert in there heads with there magical influences.


I`m almost done with my goal of a 2k army and I painted all of these models in just three months! All the tutorials you need are on the website for people who have subscribed to Patreon.

Laag 19.png

For all the pictures of this project check out my Instagram. If you have any questions about this painting style just join my Discord.

Happy Crafting